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The Best Pirate Bounce House Rentals

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The Pirate bounce house is decorated in a vibrant red and blue color scheme. The bounce house is decorated with towering hooks as well as a fun, colorful panel that depicts all things pirate. It's available in two sizes, 13' x 13' and 15' x 15'. This is a great option for any child's birthday party.

Pirate Ship COMBO

The Pirate Ship Combo is an inflatable bouncehouse. This inflatable unit features an authentic pirate ship and pop-up obstacles. There is also a climbing and slide area at its stern. This unit is perfect for kids ages 2-6 and can be used to enhance any event.

The Pirate Ship Combo is an inflatable bouncehouse that's great for all ages. This combo includes a bouncy area, slide, and climbing area that is great for toddlers. This combo is self-contained with lookout windows. It's ideal for any event.

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Pirate Ship

The Pirate Ship bounce house is a pirate-themed combo inflatable that features a large jumping area, rock wall ladder, and slide. It is made out of fire-resistant vinyl in bright colors like yellow, red and bleu. This is a great choice for a church event or pirate party. It is authorized for use in Pennsylvania.

The Pirate Ship bouncehouse is great for children and toddlers. It has a slide and a rock wall that can be climbed. It can also be used for both dry and wet use. The Pirate Ship bounce house can be rented for a whole day or several hours. Additional hours are charged at 10% per hour. A Pirate Ship bouncehouse can also be rented out for an overnight rental. This is 25% less. The Pirate Ship bouncehouse may be rented up until 5pm the next day.

Pirate Ship with Dry Slide

Pirate-themed inflatables are a great way to entertain guests. These inflatables include a flag, a pirate ship and a pop-out parrot. You can be certain that your guests will love the inflatable, no matter their age.

This inflatable slide by Adventure Galley is perfect for any pirate party! This slide features a humped slide, safe entry ramp, and colorful pirate themes. The helm has a dry slide that ends in the bow. This inflatable slide makes a great centerpiece for any pirate- or mermaid themed party!

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Pirate Ship and Climbing Tower

A pirate ship with a climbing tower is an excellent playset for your little explorer. The set includes a ladder and platform as well as a telescope, steering wheels, and even a secret play area. It also comes with two doors and mesh window. This toy is ideal for indoor and outside play.

It is 24ft long, 8ft high and features interactive features like slides and climbing walls. This pirate ship is a great addition to a home or neighborhood, as it can be used for hours of fun.


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The Best Pirate Bounce House Rentals