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Rentals for Vintage Arcade Gaming

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Those who love classic arcade games have many options to choose from. Many classic arcade games can be purchased in either a tabletop or multicade format. Multicade games are often made in China so quality control is difficult. Many of these games are pirated software, meaning they are illegal. These games are usually made with counterfeit hardware boards.

Some classic arcade games have undergone a makeover in recent years. The iconic arcade game Pacman was reimagined as a giant version. This is great for competitions at events. The game is 9 feet tall and features an awesome look. You can even get a version for up to four players.

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Mario Bros. is another arcade favorite, having been released in 1983. The game involves the player leading Mario through a maze while trying to avoid obstacles. This game is easy to play, and requires two players. You must clear all enemies before they can kill you. The controls and machine are simple and easy to learn.

There are many options for classic arcade games to be played at your event or party. There are both classic and modern versions of classic arcade games such as Mario Bros., Ms. Pacman and Dig Dug. You can also rent classic versions of games that have been remade into gigantic versions of themselves. These games are increasing in popularity at events.

Air Hockey is another well-known arcade game. This game is instantly recognizable to people of all ages. It can be played anywhere and comes equipped with two paddles or pucks. It offers realistic scoring options. Its large size makes it easy to fit into any environment.

You should choose classic arcade games that are easy to set up and challenging enough to keep your guests interested. They should also be set up indoors, or in a shaded area. This is important because classic games are intended for indoor use and must not be exposed to outdoor elements. Make sure the arcade rental cost is fair. There are some companies that charge less than others. You might also have to pay delivery or pickup fees. The price for a traditional arcade rental will vary depending upon the game you choose.

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Renting classic arcade games is a great addition to any event. They can be used for birthday parties, company picnics, and other types of events. These games are very easy to use and are sure to keep you entertained for a while. There are many classic arcade machines to choose from. You are certain to find one that will suit your event. Arcade Party Rental can provide arcade games for your event. They can deliver rentals games to California, Nevada and the San Francisco Bay Area.

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Rentals for Vintage Arcade Gaming