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Frozen Bounce House Rentals - A Princess and Elsa Bounce House For Rent

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The Frozen Bounce House is perfect for any Frozen themed birthday party. The Frozen Bounce House is a licensed Disney movie bouncy-house that features an inflatable ramp, see-through mesh and safety nets to keep children safe. It provides safe, fun entertainment for 6 children at one time. This makes it ideal for special events such as birthday parties and family reunions.

Frozen Bounce House features many activities such as a climb feature and slide, a basketball hoops, and an open area for bounce. Dura-tech construction is used to make it strong and durable. Parents can monitor their children from the inside of the bounce house thanks to the transparent mesh at the sides.

The Frozen Bounce House also features an inflatable ramp at the entrance to keep kids safe as they enter and exit the bouncy house. The large vent windows are netted to allow for cool airflow, which keeps the kids cool while they bounce and jump. The inflatable ramp can hold up to 800 pounds, making it safe for kids to jump, run and tumble in.

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The official Disney licensed Frozen bounce house features licensed Disney characters. It is also made from durable and fire-resistant vinyl making it safe for children. The Frozen Bounce House forms part of the Let's Jump Frozen Product Line, which also includes Elsa and Princess Anna bouncers. They feature climbing and jumping areas.

Frozen Bounce House 4-n-1 Combo has a full-sized jumping area of 10' x18' with a slide and a basketball hoop. This bounce house is also made of dura-tech construction and features an air-cushioned slide entryway.

The Frozen Bounce House's most impressive feature is the see-through mesh on the sides that allows parents to watch their children bounce safely. The inflatable ramp and the oversized air-cushioned slide entryway are also made of high-quality materials to keep kids safe. Frozen Bounce House also includes a basketball net, and foam stairs for climbing up and down.

The Disney Frozen Bouncy House is an attractive and colorful bouncy house, perfect for princesses who are fans of the Disney film. It has colorful graphics, large netted vents, a mesh see-through, and an inflatable ramp to ensure safety. The bouncy houses are also made from fire-resistant vinyl. It can hold children up to 800 lbs. It comes with an extension cord to handle 1.5 to 2-HP blowers.

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The Frozen Bouncer and Disney Frozen Bouncer make the perfect additions for your Disney Frozen party. Parties Inc. offers them for rent in York and other nearby areas. For additional costs, Parties Inc can provide an attendant to watch the children as they play. Parties Inc can add an attendant to your order for a fun, safe experience.


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Frozen Bounce House Rentals - A Princess and Elsa Bounce House For Rent