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The Disney Princess Bounce House - Water Slide

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The Disney Princess bounce house is great for any occasion, including a party planning or simply renting a house to celebrate a girl's birthday. This bounce house stands approximately 14 feet tall and is very durable.

The Disney Princess 5-in-1 Bounce House Combo includes a classic bounce house as well as a vertical obstacle, a basketball court, and a large jumping zone. This inflatable jumper injects the fantasy of Disney Princesses into any event. It is a perfect choice for corporate picnics and princess birthday parties. It's an excellent choice for large parties.

Popular options for rental include the Disney Princess Bounce House. It features a large bouncing area and full-length Disney licensed graphics. It also features a corner exit and safety exit. You will find the graphic designs of Cinderella (Ariel), and Aurora. The Bounce House Prince has a white net, with a crown of gold and three spikes. It also includes a three-dimensional princess topper.

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The Disney Princess Bounce House can be used by children from 4-12 years old. The 5-in-1 unit contains a basketball court, a slide, as well as a large jumping surface. The Bounce House Princess has an inflatable entrance ramp, which keeps children safe. The three-sided unit's high-visibility mesh allows parents to keep an eye out for their children.

The Disney Princess Bounce House was made with lead-free Vinyl. It also has a stylish, sleek top and tassels hanging above the turrets. This inflatable combo is available for both indoor and outdoor use. You can also have it customized.

While the Disney Princess Bounce House retains its traditional look, the 5-in-1 unit provides more options than other products. The three-sided high-visibility mesh promotes airflow, allowing parents to keep an eye out for their children. Safety is assured by the elasticized inflatable entrance netting.

The Princess of Bounce House has a blue floor and a white net with yellow trim. She also has three spikes on the golden crown. You can also see her purple hair on the ceiling. A large air-cushioned slide door with safety is also available.

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The Disney Princess Bounce House was the first of its kind. It is made from dura-tech durable construction. It also features a step to protect children from falling. It also features a large netted windows that allow you to see through.

The Disney Princess Bounce House is part of the official Disney Princess line. Adventureland Bounce Houses licensed the product. This inflatable product can be found at Tent and Table. They are the #1 distributor for princess bounce houses. The Disney Princess 5-in-1 combo bounce house and tent is ideal for birthday parties, company picnics, or other special occasions. This inflatable jumper brings Disney Princesses' fairytale fantasies to your event.

3 Monkeys Inflatables has the Disney Princess Bounce House for rent. They are the number one distributor of princess bounce house and they will be glad to help you.


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The Disney Princess Bounce House - Water Slide